Ellie Jane

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Sometimes everything just feels:



weighed down,

never ending,



Glazed and yet too bright.

Constrained and yet too free.

Sometimes I just feel everything

all at once.

It comes rushing forward.

Grasping me by the shoulders

and shaking;


But then the light surges forth

and everything feels:

calm again,





like the light has come flooding back.

like dreams are possible,

and hope is real

sometimes a weight lifts

and I no longer feel

lost or misunderstood,


seen and accepted.

its rare, but wonderful.

The feeling of warmth

the gush of a gentle breeze.

Those moment of pure acceptance.

I don’t feel the need to


or justify.

I just am

and that is ok.

by Ellie Jane



A drawing my friend Mia did upon reading this poem


The twelfth and final month

The month that makes me yearn for my puddle soaked, mud covered, numbingly cold homeland.

The sun is beating down in the Southern Hemisphere:

Desert instead of snow,

Ocean in place of ice,

And yet it all feels so wrong.

I see cards decorated with snowflakes and polar bears in the shops,

And yet

It’s a lie.

It’s forty degrees and the sweat is dripping down my knees.

My complexion has always been as pale as snow,

But this is a step to far

I’ve turned into a real life snowman,

And no amount of festive cheer can convince me that melting in the sun is the way to spend Christmas



Ellie Jane

Ellie Jane

Post graduate classics student with Aspergers from Perth WA just trying to get through the day to day challenges; who loves history, music and solo travelling.